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I am Tania Efimova

I started my career as an artist long before i graduated from the Industrial Design department of the National Art School of my native Belorussia. Long before I crumbled to the pressure to work in design – instead of following the calling of the heart to create imagined worlds in vibrant colors, the seeds of my heart’s desire had been planted. When I moved to Bali after living in Europe for a few years, these seeds started to sprout and have since flourished into these heartfelt art works representing both the seen and the unseen worlds of Bali Flowers.

"In my memories, I returned to my early childhood. I heard a fragment of one old song: "And the moon rises like a yellow chicken"... immediately I drew a night sky with a hen instead of the moon and small chickens like stars.

artist: Tania Efimova

I am always looking for additional dimensions and meaning in simple things, with my art at the junction between shared reality and my own fantasies. I am inspired by the nature and people around me, but not necessarily as they are seen but rather something about them that is not seen with the eyes but instead with the heart.

In Bali I feel that this connection between the seen and the unseen is something normal. What you see is known as ‘Sekala’, a colorful world of ceremony, ritual, dance, and drama and indeed everyday life. What you don’t see, what is occult is known as ‘Niskala’, the doctrine underlying the pageants, the code underlying the rites, and the magic underlying the dance. Both tangibles and intangibles are equally real for Balinese people.

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